Step over the edge of your boundaries


Rappelling is the activity of descending from an object by rope. There are numerous rappelling places across the islands ranging from fun and easy terrain to challenging high cliffs.

If rappelling is something you would like to try, don't hesitate to contact us and we will set you up.

Photo by paulfjs/iStock / Getty Images

The faroese way


Here on the Faroe Islands we have been doing this for many generations. This has been a necessity for survival for our ancestors, as rappelling led access to far more land for sheep that previously had been cut off by mountains. Furthermore rappelling made it possible to descend down high cliffs where birds were nesting and collect the eggs for nutritional supply.




Starting fee: 2000,- DKK (1 - 4 people)

More than 4 people: starting fee + additional 400,- DKK per extra person